Northern Ireland Bowling Association Championships 2017
Sponsored by Portadown Bowling Club.







Youth Singles

Junior Singles

Senior Fours

Round 1

Thurs. 4th May

Mon. 15th May

Tues. 2nd May

Frid. 5th May

Mon. 8th May

Frid. 12th May

Wed. 10th May

Round 2

Thurs. 11th May

Mon. 22nd  May

Tues. 9th May

Frid. 19th May

Thurs. 25th May

Thurs. 18th May

Wed. 31st May

Round 3

Thurs. 1st June

Mon. 5th June

Tues. 23rd May

Frid. 9th June

Wed. 21st June

Frid. 2nd June

Wed. 7th June

Round 4

Thurs. 8th June

Mon. 19th June

Tues. 13th June

Frid. 16th June



Wed. 21st  June

Round 5

Thurs.15th June

Mon. 26th June






        Entries close     Monday 24th April 2017                               Games commence at 6.30 pm
        Semi-Finals        Week commencing Monday 31st July 2017
        Finals                             Saturday 5th August 2017

        Should there be multiple duplications in Finals, some may be played before Saturday 5th August 2017

        Senior Fours - No restrictions on entries.

      Entries to    Keith Davey, 11 Walnut Street, Belfast, BT7 1EN
      Results & scores must be phoned by winners to Keith Davey  07745 645 345 on the night of the game.
      Results & scores must be phoned by winners 1st June- 15th June to Chris Wallace 07762422967 on the night of the game
      Draws for each round will be posted on the NIBA Website.


      Each Club should appoint a member to advise all their entrants and include the member’s email address on the Entry Form. If necessary Keith Davey will give details of the draws.

To view the NIBA Championship Competition Draw and Results click on the Competition link below.

Open Singles

Junior Singles

Youth Singles




Senior Fours

The above Competition Draws were generated using Noel O’Hara’s  Competition spreadsheet solutions

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